Recently, US police agents arrested 10 people who are allegedly involved in a corruption chain of universities to win titles, between them some university team coaches and an Adidas executive. That shows how far different sports personalities are able to reach to win.

The crimes are corruption and fraud; since what’s alleged is that they made and received extra sports payments. This is an investigation that has been carried out for more than 2 years, where they have included even infiltrators to be able to access the information, and we got the entire scoop for you.


Between the defendants is a director of basket marketing of the Adidas brand named Jim Gatto. It’s said that he is one of those involved as to make payments to bribe young players who were in high school with talent, to play with them in the university team that they patronized.

According to some assumptions made by the media, the university involved is that of Louisville, but this has not been confirmed by the police officers or by any of the close relatives of the accused.

There are also talks of university coaches accepting extra-sports payments to join some teams or to win competitions. One of the coaches is Chuck Person. This story will make history.

Low Profile

The New York prosecutor is the one who is taking the case, and they’re dealing with a lot of charges against them. They haven’t even mentioned that there are involved in the Adidas brand or what’s the university involved.

But he has confessed in different notes that the world of college basketball is very muddied by this type of crime, and this is a clear example of it; something that lends itself perfectly because the universities generate millions of dollars per year by winning their teams and more, but they don’t receive any of the players’ payments.

Possibly this case that only involves 10 people, it becomes a much bigger corruption network as it’s one of the most watched and followed sports in the United States, and generates so many annual revenues and few benefits for players who are just beginning.

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