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Charleston Cup is a web magazine dedicated to shedding some light into the world of horses and horse races without leaving aside all the excitement and adrenaline rush sports betting can add to your life. This project started a few years ago as a small and simple way to spread information about my favorite animal, the horse.

It’s obvious that I, Charles Holt, as a horse lover, horse betting enthusiast and founder of this humble, yet beautiful magazine, I’m also an avid fan of horse races and sports betting, and making money out of it is a lot of fun. That’s what I want to share with all the people who crosses path with this website.

In this website, we also cover other sports like baseball, golf, football, hockey, basketball, and more, as we offer you the chance to help you bet and win some money back. Whether you may be a pro at sports betting or you are beginning to dip your toes into this world, we’ve got you covered, pal.

Here, you will find all the tips, hints, and crucial info you may need to build your bets and place them in a very safe way, and this way, you will feel safe and taken care of when betting on your favorite sport. I am a pro bettor at horse races, as that’s the sport I follow the most, and I can assure you, betting on horses and feeling the adrenaline boost your body experiences while watching the horses running in the field it’s certainly exhilarating.