Horse racing is an activity that has been part of American culture since 1665, being one of the oldest sports to ever exist. British brought this sport to the Americans, and it took a long time for the sport to become what it is now.  It is one of the most watched sports in America.

Here are 7 amazing facts about horse racing history in the US, Charleston Cup‘s writers had gathered for you:

It Started Back In The 1600’s

starting line - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

The first racetrack was founded in 1665 in New York.  Horse racing was gaining more and more attention, and it was turning into a very privileged sport, only rich gentlemen could play, which made horse racing, draw a line between race and class.

The American Studbook

horse breeding - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

Horse racing started to get bigger and bigger after the publication of The American Studbook, this book narrated the rise of the horse racing all over the country and since its publication the mentioned before sport took off everywhere.

The First Club Dated Back To The 1890’s

horse riding - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

The first club dedicated to horse racing was created in 1894. This was a very important impact on American sport. The club’s mission was to connect all of the owners, trainers, and players to make horse racing get more spotlight.

There Are 2 Types Of Racing Included In This Sport.

Flat Racing

They don’t have any obstacles. They go from a distance of 5ft to over 2 miles depending on the horse. This type of race tests out speed, and the control that the competitor has on the horse. They are normally performed on grass, but they can also be on any weather surfaces.

Endurance Racing

The length of this type of race is very hard to tell because it varies a lot. They go from short, to medium, to large.  In this type of race, the competitors’ stamina would be tested to the maximum.

Anti-Gambling Laws Were Applied In The 1900’s

racing horses - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

Horse racing wasn’t always as accepted as now. By the start of the 1900’s due to the ridiculous anti-gambling laws that were being brought up, horse racing was slowly disappearing. However, thanks to the creation of pari-mutuel things started to get better.

Also, the anti-gambling laws made bookmaking almost disappear.  Bookmaking is the process of betting, calculating the odds and paying the winners.

After Being Prohibited, Betting Turned Appealing

horse racing audience - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

Betting turned into one of the most appealing factors of this sport. People loved the idea of being able to enjoy a sport and make money out of it. But, gambling in horse racings can be a little tricky, due to the lack of communication between the competitors, it is almost impossible to know what it’s everyone’s strategy.

The pari-mutuel basically consists in putting all bets pooled together, the idea is that the bigger the bets get the bigger the pool becomes. The winners have to share the pool prize. With this type of betting horse racing started to shine again.

World War II Affected Everything

world war 2 - 7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

Things were going good until World War II. The whole country started to only pay attention to the war and left the sports on the side. Finally, after war, horse racing didn’t get the attention it deserved until the horses started winning The Triple Crown more times than usual, which helped the horse racing start to gain attention again.

Horse racing is not going away any time soon. It’s gaining more and more spectators each year, and people in America cannot get enough of this sport.

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