Beth Parcell Evans is an artist who has been painting horses in oil for many years, precious animals that she transmits through her painting. So, here’s a list our team made, of the horses she loves to paint the most:

Man or War

It’s a big, big, big legend of horse racing, is a stallion that had many victories, and is between the top5 of the best horses in the world. Although during his time of competition was greater than the other horses, none of it was an impediment.


It was a horse from the United States that’s one of the greatest legends of horse racing. I win many victories, I even break the record of winning the most races in the shortest time. Of the fastest and most beautiful horses with a brown coat that would make you fall in love.

Phar Lap

He was another horse racing champion, a thoroughbred from Australia who broke records. Any fan of this type of racing would undoubtedly know who this legend was. It was so important that there is a museum in the capital of Australia where he exhibits some of his stuff.


It was a horse that competed for some years, considered by some to be the fastest horse, for the number of races it has won and how fast it was, having an abysmal difference between the rests of the horses.

Seattle Slew

This horse was of a pure race that competed during the 70s. Achieve many victories, and broke a record being lived until it was 28 years old. This horse was spectacular, of great size that even I would have had the pleasure of riding. He became a legend, and that makes him one of the best.

Beth Parcell Evans is responsible for making portraits of horses, so it was practically impossible that she didn’t do any of these that we have named. The work has been spectacular, and without a doubt, it’s a picture that you would like to have in your house.

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