Adidas is one of the most important and recognized sports brands in the world, and has recently launched the licensed major league soccer ball for 2018 season, and the website presents some of the details that this peculiar ball has:

Design Inspired By the Ball of the World Cup

The Telstar 2018 was the ball that was used during the 2018 World Cup of Russia, also manufactured by Adidas; being the 4th time in history that is manufactured and designed an exclusive balloon for a world cup.

And the new ball that will be used in the 2018 MLS season is inspired by the spectacular ball that many players had the joy of playing and kicking during games.


The new ball manufactured by Adidas has a white base (the traditional in many soccer balls), with structured colors ranging between blue and red, representing the colors of the United States and Canada.


The name of this ball is “native”, a name that refers to the pride and feeling that is felt in the MLS league, the same name in previous years, so there is nothing innovative there, a name that’s written somewhere in the ball with the signature of Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS.


This balloon has spectacular features such as the use of a new panel design; it was also made with sustainable materials, something that’s super great in support of biodiversity and global warming. It’s manufactured with hot melt technology so that when it comes into contact with water, its performance doesn’t decline.

The ball was presented in Philadelphia, during the MLS SuperDraft, an event organized by the league’s officials in commemoration of the start of the 2018 season. We can already watch the ball rolling and being kicked by the players, during the games of the season.

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