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4 Horse Racing Betting Tactics to Follow When Starting

4 Horse Racing Betting Tactics to Follow When Starting

Horse racing has turned into one of the most famous sports of all times, and with this new forms of...

7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US

Horse racing is an activity that has been part of American culture since 1665, being one of the oldest sports...

5 Horses Breeds Beth Parcell Evans Loves to Paint

5 Horses Breeds Beth Parcell Evans Loves to Paint

Beth Parcell Evans is an artist who has been painting horses in oil for many years, precious animals that she...

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4 Horse Racing Betting Tactics to Follow When Starting


Horse racing has turned into one of the most famous sports of all times, and with this new forms of gambling have come to light. When it comes to betting in horse races it’s a little more different than the normal sports, due to the lack of communication between the competitors. Nevertheless, if you are starting to get inside of the world of gambling, here are some fundamental tactics you must know to become a pro. Trust us on this:

Know Your Data

This can be very intimidating if you are beginning to gamble, but it is very important. Of course, it’s not something you can learn one day to another. You must learn how to intertwine what you see on paper to what you see on the race track.

It is not recommended to jump in on a bet if you are a beginner, it is better for you to analyze the winners’ numbers and the one that doesn’t really make a difference on the winners.

Now that you know your data, you can start betting, once you know all the right information, it gives more opportunity to win.

Check-Out Your Data

Your data must be changing all the time.  This is something that gamblers must know, but if you’re starting it might be a new thing for you. Now that you’ve made your evaluation and have your data, you must know that that data is an on-going process, with a consistent modification of the factors that you chose to be in your data as your main ones to go into making your horse racing picks.

Be Open to Change

When you start betting you might want to stick with the method that you came up with because it probably works for now, but you must understand that this can change in any minute, don’t stick to only one method for all of your bets. This can affect your earnings in the long run.

Long-term income must come from your will to change your own method if it’s necessary.

Use a System

With your data all checked-out you should create a system. A system gives a lot more chance and security when it comes to gambling. Instead of just going in with your data or a hunch, a system highlights a clear advantage to gamble on a race. Example of this can be choosing horses of certain ages that are not the ones that get the most attention.

The smart way to start using your system is to evaluate it first, and not put out any wagers, to see how it’s doing, and if it’s not doing the way you would want to then you can make some changes.

Gambling can be a good thing if you know how to do it in a healthy way.  It can be hard when you’re starting but you should not forget that determination makes a winner. The importance of the data is something that you must understand in order to start making the gains that you’d like to be making. Evaluate your options, analyze your system, and win.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

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Corruption Trial Left KU Facing Serious NCAA Code Violations


Recently, US police agents arrested 10 people who are allegedly involved in a corruption chain of universities to win titles, between them some university team coaches and an Adidas executive. That shows how far different sports personalities are able to reach to win.

The crimes are corruption and fraud; since what’s alleged is that they made and received extra sports payments. This is an investigation that has been carried out for more than 2 years, where they have included even infiltrators to be able to access the information, and we got the entire scoop for you.


Between the defendants is a director of basket marketing of the Adidas brand named Jim Gatto. It’s said that he is one of those involved as to make payments to bribe young players who were in high school with talent, to play with them in the university team that they patronized.

According to some assumptions made by the media, the university involved is that of Louisville, but this has not been confirmed by the police officers or by any of the close relatives of the accused.

There are also talks of university coaches accepting extra-sports payments to join some teams or to win competitions. One of the coaches is Chuck Person. This story will make history.

Low Profile

The New York prosecutor is the one who is taking the case, and they’re dealing with a lot of charges against them. They haven’t even mentioned that there are involved in the Adidas brand or what’s the university involved.

But he has confessed in different notes that the world of college basketball is very muddied by this type of crime, and this is a clear example of it; something that lends itself perfectly because the universities generate millions of dollars per year by winning their teams and more, but they don’t receive any of the players’ payments.

Possibly this case that only involves 10 people, it becomes a much bigger corruption network as it’s one of the most watched and followed sports in the United States, and generates so many annual revenues and few benefits for players who are just beginning.

7 Facts about Horse Racing History in the US


Horse racing is an activity that has been part of American culture since 1665, being one of the oldest sports to ever exist. British brought this sport to the Americans, and it took a long time for the sport to become what it is now.  It is one of the most watched sports in America.

Here are 7 amazing facts about horse racing history in the US, Charleston Cup‘s writers had gathered for you:

It Started Back In The 1600’s


The first racetrack was founded in 1665 in New York.  Horse racing was gaining more and more attention, and it was turning into a very privileged sport, only rich gentlemen could play, which made horse racing, draw a line between race and class.

The American Studbook


Horse racing started to get bigger and bigger after the publication of The American Studbook, this book narrated the rise of the horse racing all over the country and since its publication the mentioned before sport took off everywhere.

The First Club Dated Back To The 1890’s


The first club dedicated to horse racing was created in 1894. This was a very important impact on American sport. The club’s mission was to connect all of the owners, trainers, and players to make horse racing get more spotlight.

There Are 2 Types Of Racing Included In This Sport.

Flat Racing

They don’t have any obstacles. They go from a distance of 5ft to over 2 miles depending on the horse. This type of race tests out speed, and the control that the competitor has on the horse. They are normally performed on grass, but they can also be on any weather surfaces.

Endurance Racing

The length of this type of race is very hard to tell because it varies a lot. They go from short, to medium, to large.  In this type of race, the competitors’ stamina would be tested to the maximum.

Anti-Gambling Laws Were Applied In The 1900’s


Horse racing wasn’t always as accepted as now. By the start of the 1900’s due to the ridiculous anti-gambling laws that were being brought up, horse racing was slowly disappearing. However, thanks to the creation of pari-mutuel things started to get better.

Also, the anti-gambling laws made bookmaking almost disappear.  Bookmaking is the process of betting, calculating the odds and paying the winners.

After Being Prohibited, Betting Turned Appealing


Betting turned into one of the most appealing factors of this sport. People loved the idea of being able to enjoy a sport and make money out of it. But, gambling in horse racings can be a little tricky, due to the lack of communication between the competitors, it is almost impossible to know what it’s everyone’s strategy.

The pari-mutuel basically consists in putting all bets pooled together, the idea is that the bigger the bets get the bigger the pool becomes. The winners have to share the pool prize. With this type of betting horse racing started to shine again.

World War II Affected Everything


Things were going good until World War II. The whole country started to only pay attention to the war and left the sports on the side. Finally, after war, horse racing didn’t get the attention it deserved until the horses started winning The Triple Crown more times than usual, which helped the horse racing start to gain attention again.

Horse racing is not going away any time soon. It’s gaining more and more spectators each year, and people in America cannot get enough of this sport.

Meet the New Licensed MLS Ball for 2018 Season


Adidas is one of the most important and recognized sports brands in the world, and has recently launched the licensed major league soccer ball for 2018 season, and the website presents some of the details that this peculiar ball has:

Design Inspired By the Ball of the World Cup

The Telstar 2018 was the ball that was used during the 2018 World Cup of Russia, also manufactured by Adidas; being the 4th time in history that is manufactured and designed an exclusive balloon for a world cup.

And the new ball that will be used in the 2018 MLS season is inspired by the spectacular ball that many players had the joy of playing and kicking during games.


The new ball manufactured by Adidas has a white base (the traditional in many soccer balls), with structured colors ranging between blue and red, representing the colors of the United States and Canada.


The name of this ball is “native”, a name that refers to the pride and feeling that is felt in the MLS league, the same name in previous years, so there is nothing innovative there, a name that’s written somewhere in the ball with the signature of Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS.


This balloon has spectacular features such as the use of a new panel design; it was also made with sustainable materials, something that’s super great in support of biodiversity and global warming. It’s manufactured with hot melt technology so that when it comes into contact with water, its performance doesn’t decline.

The ball was presented in Philadelphia, during the MLS SuperDraft, an event organized by the league’s officials in commemoration of the start of the 2018 season. We can already watch the ball rolling and being kicked by the players, during the games of the season.

If you want to know about our previous article, discover everything about an artist favorite horse breed to paint, here.

5 Horses Breeds Beth Parcell Evans Loves to Paint


Beth Parcell Evans is an artist who has been painting horses in oil for many years, precious animals that she transmits through her painting. So, here’s a list our team made, of the horses she loves to paint the most:

Man or War

It’s a big, big, big legend of horse racing, is a stallion that had many victories, and is between the top5 of the best horses in the world. Although during his time of competition was greater than the other horses, none of it was an impediment.


It was a horse from the United States that’s one of the greatest legends of horse racing. I win many victories, I even break the record of winning the most races in the shortest time. Of the fastest and most beautiful horses with a brown coat that would make you fall in love.

Phar Lap

He was another horse racing champion, a thoroughbred from Australia who broke records. Any fan of this type of racing would undoubtedly know who this legend was. It was so important that there is a museum in the capital of Australia where he exhibits some of his stuff.


It was a horse that competed for some years, considered by some to be the fastest horse, for the number of races it has won and how fast it was, having an abysmal difference between the rests of the horses.

Seattle Slew

This horse was of a pure race that competed during the 70s. Achieve many victories, and broke a record being lived until it was 28 years old. This horse was spectacular, of great size that even I would have had the pleasure of riding. He became a legend, and that makes him one of the best.

Beth Parcell Evans is responsible for making portraits of horses, so it was practically impossible that she didn’t do any of these that we have named. The work has been spectacular, and without a doubt, it’s a picture that you would like to have in your house.

Top Horse Breeds and Disciplines Defined

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